Wean Green WGI-RP522S-C Meal Cube Single Carrot - B00CP5VHHI

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  • The Wean Green Meal Cube is a safe and convenient way for you to store a large meal, soup or stew. The Meal Cube is chemical-free and made from non-leaching, tempered glass. The Meal Cube features a smart clip lid design, ensuring that your homemade meal stays fresh on-the-go. Carry this cube without worrying about spills due to the Meal Cube's leak-proof silicone seal. This cube is made from 100-percent recycled, tempered glass that is 5-times stronger than regular glass. This cube will not stain and is safe to put in the freezer, dishwasher and microwave, allowing you to make meals in advance and reheat whenever it's convenient. There's no need to worry about harsh chemicals with the Meal Cube, all of the Wean Green Cubes are free of BPA, PVS and phthalates. The Wean Green Meal Cube holds up to 28-ounces. Wean Green Launched in 2009 because CEO and found, Melissa Gunning, was determined to find small enough tempered glass food containers to freeze, store, reheat and serve the organic food she was serving her baby and first grade. This is how Wean Green's first container, the Wean Cube, was born. Since the birth of the Wean Cube, Wean Green has introduced a full line of cubes for all ages and appetites.

    Wean Green WGI-RP522S-C Meal Cube Single Carrot - B00CP5VHHI

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