Vacu Vin Instant Flavour Set - B00DMHIPU0

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  • Vacuum pushes marinade or brine deep inside the meat and vegetables

  • Bags available in various sizes

  • Multicolored

  • Creating tender, juicy meat and flavorful meals start with a marinade or brine. A great marinade or brine can make all the difference in taking a meal from dull to fabulous. The process of marinating/brining used to be a time-consuming job, but now Vacu Vin's Instant Flavor Set allows you to get all that flavor, without spending all that time preparing your food. The Flavor Set removes air and creating a seal around the food, meaning less marinade or brine is needed up to 75% less. The creation of a vacuum within the bag also forces the marinade or brine deep into the meat tissues or vegetables, quickly infusing food with flavor. Set includes 1 Vacuum Pump, 1 Vacuum Flavor Valve, 1 Flavor Reservoir, 1 Instant Flavor Bag and 1 Instant Flavor Bag XL. For over 25 years, Vacu Vin has manufactured and distributed patented, innovative kitchen, barware and housewares products. With a focus of bringing quality, functional and fun products to consumers at reasonable prices, Vacu Vin products have been awarded over 20 International Design and Trade Awards and are sold in over 80 countries. Vacu Vin believes innovative ideas set tomorrow's standards and it is with this philosophy that Vacu Vin will continue to bring unique, quality products to your home for years to come.

    Vacu Vin Instant Flavour Set - B00DMHIPU0

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