6 Pack FIFO 32 oz Squeeze Bottles - B0094KH924

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  • Sauce Savings: The bottom dispensing design decreases wasted sauce by up to 10%^Saves Time: No more banging the bottles on the counter to get the sauce to the nozzle^Longer Lasting: No more banging means no more breakage. Bottles last 3 - 4 times longer^Easier to clean: Openings on both ends makes it easier to clean and more sanitary.^NSF Approved

  • Keeps Sauces properly rotated - F.I.F.O. stands for First In First Out. As you fill from the top, the older product stays on the bottom, ready to dispense first.

    Each bottle comes with a White Label/End Cap and White Multipurpose Dispensing Cap.

    Made in: Bottle in Canada, Caps in China

    6 Pack FIFO 32 oz Squeeze Bottles - B0094KH924

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