3 Tier Insulated Tiffin with Thermo Insulated Bag - B00RAM0BSC

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  • Insulated 3-Tier Tiffin (tiffin has double wall) and an Insulated bag with thermal material insulation.

  • Both the Tiffin is insulated as well as the accompanying bag. Food will be kept warm for 4-5 hours.

  • Each Tiffin tier is watertight and has its own lid to keep liquid safe inside.

  • The Tiffins comes with its own insulated bag, which will help keep food warm for even longer.

  • Comes with a free stainless steel spoon.

  • Due to popular demand we have sourced and made available a first in Indian-Tiffin technology. Our Insulated Tiffin range has been specially constructed to provide a way for people who want hot food to join the Tiffin Revolution. These Insulated Tiffins, have a specially constructed stainless steel wall, which is dual layer, with an air pocket inside, this will allow food to stay warm inside for many hours. The tiffins are also leak proof and so can be used for soups or curries. Each tier comes with its own lid that can double up as a small plate. The Insulated Tiffins come with their own insulated bag which will keep the contents warmer for even longer. The Tiffin when fully assembled is 16cm high. Each tier has a diameter of 14.5cm and a height of 5.5cm.

    3 Tier Insulated Tiffin with Thermo Insulated Bag - B00RAM0BSC

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